Waxy Bullhide - A3

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Waxy bullhide, 1.6-2.0mm, dark brown, A3 size 42cmx29.5cm (16.5"x11.75")

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Product code IDL-BH01

A very nice 'rugged' type dark brown leather, substance 1.6-2.0mm, tanned with waxes which give a pull-up effect and also contributes to a water resistant product. Adding Aussie Leather Conditioner 2199-00 gives a complete water proofing. Sold in A3 pieces for falconry, the leather suits larger birds and longer jesses can be made from it. This is a superb leather for outdoor products such as bags, satchels, rucksacks, bag packs and pouches and full sides are available which come in size approximately 27-30 square feet.  Contact the store on email: sales@theidentitystore.co.uk or 01629 581403.

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Nick Strowbridge

Passport Case in Waxy Bullhide

Case made from Waxy Bullhide