Useful Links

Over our time trading we have had the pleasure to work with craft people who are offering skills and services that are useful and commonly asked for – here is a list of useful links, so whether you want a bespoke logo stamp making for embossing or to find a helpful tutorial here we go:


TUTORIALS & RESOURCES Subscribe to these leathercrafters for extensive and detailed leatherwork tutorials:

Link to Armitage Leathers U-Tube Link to Tandy Leather Factory U Tube
YouTube Leodis Leathers  YouTube Armtage Leather YouTube Tandy Leather 
Waxing The Thread Magazine Link to Making Leather Sandals
Diesel Punk (Patterns & Templates) Waxing The Thread (Magazine) Second Skin - Making Leather Sandals (E-Book)
Link to World of Falconry Magazine Link to Walsall Leather Museum
Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine World of Falconry Walsall Leather Museum


Link To Leather UK Link to Leatherworkers UK Facebook Link to Leather Naturally
Leather UK (UK Leather Federation) Leatherworkers UK (Facebook) Leather Naturally 
Link to Independent Bird Register Link to Female Falconers Club Link to Skywings
Independent Bird Register Female Falconers Club Skywings Falconry
Link to Original LoneStar Link to Newark Steampunk Society Link to Woodland Ways

Original Lonestar - (Wild West Shows/Group)

Newark Steampunk Society - (Facebook Group)

Woodland Ways (Bushcraft & Survival)


Link to Artisans Bespoke Leather Stamps Link to Hairy Leather Crafter Leather Stamps Laser Cutting - Makers on The Edge

Artisans - Bespoke Leather Stamps

The Hairy Leathercrafter - Bespoke Leather Stamps

Makers on The Edge (Sheffield)

Laser Cutting for Leather

Link to SJ West Knives Link to Woodash Press Knives Link to Identity Leather Printing

S J West - Custom Clicker Knives

Woodash Press Knives - Custom Clicker Knives

Identity-in-Printing - Bespoke Leather Printing