Natural Veg Tan Calf 1.4-1.6mm

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1.4-1.6mm approx. natural vegetable tanned calf sold as a 4 square foot cut, or a regular 30x30cm pre cut square (1 square foot). The leather has a good weight while still remaining supple and has a smooth surface with a tight grain.

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Product code IDL1013-03
Colour Natural
Weight 1.4-1.6mm

Natural vegetable tanned calf 1.4-1.6mm sold either as a square foot (sf) piece or as a 4sf cut, usually dimensions around 24” x 24” to 30” x 18”, sometimes a longer length 48” x 12” (all measurements approximate).  Whole pieces are also possible, around 15sf, please call the Store for stock availability.

 This is a weight that has found favour as a falconry hood making leather and possibly also for anklets and jesses.  Also can be used in small leathergoods such as wallets, card holders, phone covers, book journals, linings, gussets, scabbard holders, jewellery making, sculpting and miniature work.  The leather can be dyed or stained, embossed or carved/tooled.