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English Bridle leather is pit-tanned using vegetable barks and leaves for several months. It goes through several stages of hand work to apply the colour and bridle finish that give it’s characteristic appearance. Waxes, tallow and oil are worked into the top of the surface. With polishing and use, the leather burnishes up to give it’s unique patina. You can usually see some of the waxes as a chalky bloom when you receive your leather.  

Available in two thicknesses -  Approx 2.0-2.2mm Suitable for bag making, purses, pouches, gun cases, phone cases, laptop/gadget covers, bag flaps and lightweight straps, watch straps, Approx 3.0-3.5mm Suitable for belts, collars, leads, knife and axe sheaths, cartridge bags, quivers, bike panniers and saddle bags.

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