Smooth Beveller

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The smooth beveller stamp brings the design into three-dimensional relief:

B935 Narrow Oblong

5mmx3mm (3/16" x 7/64")

B203 Small

5.5mmx4mm (13/64" x 5/32")

B200 Medium

5mmx5mm (3/16" x 3/16")

B197 Large

6mmx6mm (16/64" x 15/64")

B201 Extra Large

7mmx7mm (17/64" x 17/64")

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Product code ECB1

Smooth bevellers are used on and adjacent to the swivel knife cut for the outline of the design, to depress the leather down on one side to create a bevel and give a three dimensional effect. The widest part of the base of the stamp sits into the swivel cut. There are options for different sizes and shapes to help get into awkward corners. The smooth base of the stamp enables you to tap and move simultaneously to give a polished burnish. Note: sizes are approximate and are given as height by width.

Specification: Carving stamps are made from a high quality ferrous steel which gives a consistent sharp and clear impression time after time. These can be identified from cheaper metal alternatives by checking to see if they are magnetic. Each tool has an integral steel handle measuring approximately 10.5cm, 4 ¼” and has a textured non-slip area for easier gripping.

This image shows the smooth beveller in use to highlight texture and shadow on a celtic pattern, to allow give the impression of where the lines go underneath each other.

The photo was taken on one of our Carving Workshops days - for more information on workshops click here.

Using a Smooth Beveller by Identity Leathercraft