Extra Long Solid Brass Grommets (Eyelet and Washer)

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Longer post grommets for use in heavier weight leathers - in a choice of Solid Brass or Nickel over Brass. Pack of 10

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Product code 1285
These grommets have a longer post length making them ideal for heavier leathers up to 3mm in thickness. There are in once size 8mm (5/16") internal diameter with a 6mm (1/4") post. Grommets provide a re-enforced hole for leather, preventing damage and tearing. The term grommet is used for a 2 piece metal eyelet that is set together creating a metal ring on both sides of the leather. To set hit the setting tool in the upright position with a mallet or maul. Use setting tool 8097-03, with drive punch 3777-12.

Our eyelets are primarily designed for setting into leather. There is a knack to setting them but once mastered it is relatively quick and easy – the main thing is that you don’t have too much or too little of the shaft of the eyelet above the leather prior to setting. Too much and they will bend and slide and not peen back properly (if this is the case you can add an extra band or washer of leather to help), too short and there is not enough metal to fold back to secure in place (in which case we sell extra long post grommets)

Each size of eyelet or grommet will clearly state which setting tool is required – please note you will have to always get the eyelet and setting tool from the same manufacturer as they are not standard and will not work without the correct size tool and base anvil.


How to Set eyelets in LeatherWe would suggest that a poly head or rawhide mallet would be better at preserving the setting tool.