Light Weight Creamy White Calf Pieces

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  • 250g
  • Bag Size: 250 x 350mm (10" x 14")

Light Weight Cream White Calf Craft Pieces, sustainablly and environmentally sourced leather with a light base ideal for creating bright colours and other surface decoration.

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Product code IDL-P250-09

These pieces are around 1.0-1.3mm in thickness and in sizes that could make a small purse or card case, wristbands or bookmarks, also shoe straps, watch straps, phone cases. Also suitable for use in falconry, making anklets and jesses for small birds of prey and owls.

They are a lovely creamy white colour and would lend themselves to decorating with small rivets, pens or paints, ink stamping, marbling or digital printing.

There is between 5-7 pieces in a pack.

The white/cream calf leather pieces are the story of the best of modern tanning that is natural and kind to the environment. Made in a modern tannery that has been designed to consider the impact of each step of the process. You can read more about how special this leather is by downloading our product guide here.


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