Identity Leather Craft - The Environment & Ethics

Identity Leather Craft and the Environment

It is our aim to continually review, critique and improve all aspects of our business to protect and reduce environmental impact where we can.

We believe in the power of small change, of asking questions, of responsible sourcing and fair treatment of our customers and suppliers.

Leather is a worldwide industry with the good and bad that entails. Working with groups like Compassion in World Farming, briefing our customers and interested parties through our leather training days, promoting our own range of water-based dyes and finishes, and developing some of our own UK made leathers, are just some of the ways we try to make a practical difference.


Leather is a wonderful material that treated well will last a lifetime, making leather goods a sustainable alternative to the quick buy disposable goods that have become endemic to modern culture.

A selection of leather from Identity Leather Craft

We have also developed a range of natural and water-based products to help care, protect and restore leathers – look for our green logo in our dyes and finshes ranges.

In addition we are happy to offer help and advice in the restoration and repair of leather items.

One way we source and sell leather is to use our contacts in the industry and offer leather cuts and workbench pieces. This means that our customers can not only benefit from small cuts, but have access to some of the finest French and Italian leathers from British shoe, belt and bag makers.

Animal Welfare and Farming

Animal welfare and farming

compassion in world farming

As well as being members of Compassion in World Farming, more recently we have been discussing ways of working with farmers who are interested in being in control of the lifecycle of leather – from the beating heart through to the finished article – keeping an integrity throughout the process. This is potentially a very exciting and innovative approach to be developed further in the coming months.

Environmental Coding

To help you make more informed choices on the website look for the logo for products that are safer for the environment.

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For those interested in this area the special seminar day "Understanding Leather and it's Uses" goes into more depth.