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Embossing sheet for transferring patterns to vegetable tanned leather - Design Elements (pack of 3) plus instructions.

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Create different scrolled floral patterns by combining squares together or to use individually. Includes three identical sheets to help with laying out a design. Pack also includes instructions for use and design ideas. (These designs are taken from the Al Stohlman archives.) Transparent acrylic sheets with raised designs and patterns that can be pressed into dampened leather to leave a lightweight emboss. Use to emboss designs or to create an outline ready for carving and adding tooling details. Each craftaid explains which craftools to use to get the details shown in the cover photo.

Al Stohlman (15 August 1919 – 6 March 1998) was a pioneer in leathercraft and continues to influence hundreds of thousands of leathercrafters worldwide. He and his wife Ann (June 30, 1924 – June 10, 2004) produced hundreds of magazine articles, doodle pages and other valuable tools still used in the leathercraft industry. A museum featuring much of his life's work is part of a collection of leather art located in the lobby of the Tandy Leather Factory Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ann and Al Stohman - 1983

Ann & Al Stohlman -Leathercraft