Celtic Border and/or Corner Craftool Stamp

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Embossing stamp for leather - Celtic Border and/or Corner craftools - available individually or buy together and save 10%.

Dimensions (height x width)

Metric: 16 x 16mm

Imperial: 5/8" x 5/8"

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Product code EC66137-66138

A large special stamp that can be used as a border or with the corner version to make a frame. For best results with larger stamps ensure the leather has been dampened and a left for a minute or so and hit with a heavier mallet or maul. Once the first indentation is made without moving the stamp slightly tilt to the left and right and make an extra hit.

Specification: Carving stamps are made from a high quality ferrous steel which gives a consistent sharp and clear impression time after time. These can be identified from cheaper metal alternatives by checking to see if they are magnetic. Each tool has an integral steel handle measuring approximately 10.5cm, 4 ¼” and has a textured non-slip area for easier gripping.