Basketweave (diagonal band)

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Diagonal banded basketweave stamp to create a striking woven effect:    

X812 Small

7mmx3mm (17/64"x7/16")      

X5022 Medium

9mmx4mm (11/32"x5/32")      

X510 Large

13mmx6mm (33/64"x16/64")         

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Product code ECBW2

Basketweave stamp to create a striking woven effect, this version has a diagonally banded centre. This clever stamp design can give good coverage and once you have started the first line it is quick and easy to do.       Note: sizes are approximate and are given as height by width

Example to show the Basketweave stamps in use, submitted by our customer, Suguru Amakubo.

Basketweave by Suguru Amakubo Identity Leather Craft