Economy Natural Veg Tan Cowhide Side

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Economy natural vegetable tanned cowhide side leather, sold from as little as 10 square feet, approximately 120cm x 76cm (48" x 30") bottom end

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Product code IDL1011

Economy vegetable tanned cowhide side leather. Sold from as little as 10 square feet, approximately 120cm x 76cm (48" x 30") generally cut from bottom to top, top end longer and less wide.
If wanting a whole side please contact the Store directly on 01629 581403.

This leather can be used to make cases, bags and handbags, bike panniers, tool roll holders, belts, general leathergoods, quivers, knife sheaths, shoes, scabbards, saddles, book covers, clothing, furniture, sculpture and moulding and much more.

This economy leather will have some surface markings in places, the odd small scar, branding marks, an occasional hole maybe apparent near edges, however when sending out we would ensure any markings were minimal.

The leather can be dyed or stained and has excellent properties for carving/tooling and embossing.

Whole sides will be approximately 27-28 square feet.

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"Just finished this today with leather from your shop.The dye was homemade from vinegar and steel wool that's been decomposing in a bucket for a few months,when it was dry I gave it a liberal helping of black boot polish...................It's a copy of a double pocket 15th C girdle purse ."  Richard Dobb