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Water-based edge primer and smoothing coat for use with The Identity Store Leading Edge coat.


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Product code IDS-WBEF01

Specially formulated this primer smooths down edge fibres and seals the leather ready to accept edge paints.

This is a neat product that smooths down edges and can be used on mineral (chrome) as well as veg tan. It eliminates the need for the slicking part of the process. We find it is a very good product to also use on thinner leathers where it is harder to get a good burnish going.

 You put it on with a make-up applicator, paint brush or small dauber, working in a single direction. You get a feel after a few movements of the leather going silky underneath the applicator. You can then apply your edge finishes as normal – either Feibing’s or our own Leading Edge products.

 The Edge Foundation acts as a primer and has been designed to work best with the Leading Edge paints to give a good adhesion however to our knowledge the Edge Kote appears to also work well.

For more details download our Leading Edge Product Guide

Customer Review

"I've had great experiences with this company and the staff are really helpful. The identity edge foundation is absolutely fantastic, particularly for split leathers which don't burnish well. You don't have to sand or burnish at all, you just apply the foundation and then the paint and the edge looks amazing. I'd definitely recommend it."

Joanne - Country Cow Designs

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In order to help you make a decision choosing which colouring product you would like, we have labelled those that are water-based with our environment logo. If you require detailed specifications or breakdowns of constituents please ask and we will supply more information.

Review and images from our customers

Joanne Kay - Country Cow Designs

"I was struggling to get my edges nice (it's chrome-tanned leather and refuses to burnish). So I tried the edge foundation that Identity leather make. But take a look at my edges - I'm pretty chuffed."


Dave Clutton:

March 2017

"Well, had some of the new Edge Foundation and Leading Edge colour. .Wow! Really easy to use and a great finish! 

Thanks for the info! Cheers, Dave"  Find out more about Dave at DC Leathercraft on Facebook

Use of Identity Store Leading Edge Finish

For more information on how to use these edge finishes click here to download our guide

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