Diamond Stitching Chisels - 3mm

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Diamond tipped stitching chisels with 3mm spacing, to give 5 stitches per 25mm (1").

For more details download our Stitching Chisel Chart - click here

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Product code 88045

Made from chromoly 41xx steel giving an excellent strength to weight ratio, these chisels are stronger and harder than standard steel and the black coating prevents corrosion and provides wear resistance. For best results use a good quality cutting mat underneath and hit with a wood or poly mallet.

To preserve the life of a chisel further push into a beeswax block prior to use.
The stitching chisels are diamond tipped to give the traditional slant for hand stitching and come in a choice of sizes to give different stitch lengths.

Use either the 2 prong or the 88043-00 single prong chisel for going around corners.

Identity Diamond Stitching Chisel Chart