Get your designs printed on to leather

Bespoke Leather Printing from Identity Leathercraft

Welcome to the exciting world of printed leather... The Identity Store have been in the forefront for the development of digital printing on to leather. Using artwork provided we are able to print detailed images onto various thickness of leather—from fine weight garment leathers, belt leathers and upholstery, transferring your pictures onto leather. We work with leading designers in interiors, fashion and accessories including collections for London Fashion Week. We can now offer a service to print A4 size, A3 and A2 sizes. We also custom print leather belts. To start you need to have your artwork in the following formats - jpeg, gif or pdf format and it needs to be exactly to the finished size—the higher the resolution the better the quality of the leather printing.

The next stage will be to email your artwork over or use dropbox with a clear brief of what you are trying to achieve. We will then discuss with you and quote you for the work. As a guide price A3 printed leather is priced at £30 plus VAT and this includes the cost of the leather. Leather Print expert/consultant: Dr Peter Laight Telephone: 01629 581403 Email: